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Pittlerwerke Transformation

Pittlerwerke Transformation

A former light bulb factory, Pittlerwerke is situated on the outskirts of Leipzig. It is a complex building full of potential. The rich history and charm of this weathered former industrial site will now be transformed into a space fit for the future. 

On behalf of the developer Montis, Snøhetta has undertaken a detailed analysis of the building structures. Based on a concept development process with the client, we have created a programme and added several interventions that will turn Pittlerwerke into an aspiring hub for creative business and play. 

Architecture, Landscape, Interior, Work Spaces, Renovation & Expansion, Hospitality & Destination





Leipzig, Germany



This is what the site looked like before any construction was made to it. 

By carefully restoring, enhancing and remixing the unique heritage of Pittlerwerke, we wanted to design a hub where cross-disciplinary teams can gather and share their knowledge and resources. 

A main entrance will be carved out within the space, leading the visitor into the site. Along this journey, one encounters Pittler Bar, like a secret meeting place. Tucked between other users, there are small unique apartments that can be rented by anyone who wants to spend time developing their ideas.

The result is a synergy between new and old elements, communicating its original history. 

Naturally, there will be comfortable offices and workshops which can be adjusted to accommodate a range of big or small businesses. The spaces are envisioned so that different disciplines will feel at home - and through each other also encounter the unexpected. 


In a synergy of new and old elements we are creating something new which can communicate history. The building will reveal this history only gradually and over time. In order to truly know Pittlerwerke, one visit will not be enough.