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Stjørdal Cultural Center Proposal

Stjørdal Cultural Center Proposal

The site is centrally placed within Stjørdal center. The cultural center is intending to contribute to the shift of focus on Stjørdal as a motorized town to a town for pedestrians.
Together with the existing buildings to the west, the cultural center and the hotel form a square surrounding the park which clearly defines this block within the city plan. The main public entrance is from the park which acts as a green, representative, public space. All vehicular access for service and public transport is accessed from the roads along the outer perimeter of the site.

Landscape, Interior, Public Space, Hospitality & Destination, Performance Space



Completed competition


Stjørdal, Norway


Cultural center, church and hotel


6 000m2


Stjørdal Kulturhus

Conceptually the park fills the entire site. By folding the park up over the cultural center, all public access ways through the site flow over and into the building. This creates a connection between public park and public space which give the general public a sense of ownership. 

A green terraced garden creates the base of the cultural center. It elevates the public up over the main vestibule enabling direct access to first floor functions. The terraced garden also extends the park and reduces the visual impact of the building.

Two main building elements are placed on top of this terraced garden:
The hotel and the cultural center. The main functions of the cultural center - the church, great hall and orchestra hall - visually stand out as separate volumes. These main functions are tied together by a floating, horizontal band–a continuous weave - which again creates the open facade of the library, school of culture, and administration.