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Sandnes Town Hall

Sandnes Town Hall

The project joins the central parts of the Municipality of Sandnes into one united building complex. The site is centrally located and both the site and the idea of a Town Hall belong to the client. 

Sandnes is one of the fastest growing cities in Norway and the town centre is in constant redevelopment. A big expansion of the urban core is now under planning. By suggesting a new Town Hall at the specific site, the institution and activities relating to this will play a major role in the urban context of Sandnes.

A cluster of public service is placed on a key plot in close proximity to the train station, the main public park and cultural institutions, the fjord and the major development areas at the harbour-front. The central location of the Town Hall promotes an active building with focus on accessible public space.

The programmatic content of the building is related to an optimization of the work environment for the employees at the Municipality and the introduction of new public spaces for the locals. The project creates a work environment that links the different departments to the main administration and investigates the interface between the municipal services and the public.

The intent is to use this sketch as a base for further research of the idea of a centrally located new Town Hall in


Landscape, Interior, Work Spaces, Public Space



Completed sketch project


Sandnes, Norway


Town hall


15 000m2


Nordica AS

The project is organized in two different parts; the rational offices and the interconnecting public landscape.
The public landscape on the ground floor contains the main public program of the Town Hall plus additional public service functions. The new urban landscape flows through the whole length of the site and connects the Town Hall to it`s surrounding context. The offices are organized in a rational volume and are placed as a “table” over the public