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Darat King Abdullah II  Cultural Center Proposal

Darat King Abdullah II  Cultural Center Proposal

Connectivity and density are the key strategies for this project. The roof and the arch connect the building with the
landscape, the green backdrop of pine trees, the steep hillside and the park in the GAM strip. Horizontal soft lines
form a great tent covering the diverse cultural content. The building is a dense body on the north-western part of the
competition site. The two southern sites could be used for expansion, such as a car park, additional cultural & educational purposes, or even housing.

Culture, Public Space, Retail & Restaurant, Social & Meeting Spaces, Architecture, Landscape, Interior



Completed competition


Amman, Jordan


Performing arts/Cultural center


His Majesty king Abdullah, Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)

The indoor and outdoor pedestrian spaces become much more than a foyer but an urban feature woven into the context of the city, with its surrounding streets, bazaars and alleys that make up the fabric of Amman. This conceived covered street, the foyer, invites the citizens of Amman into the heart of the Cultural Complex. Here one will find all the elements that contribute to a lively, bustling urban experience: cafes, ticket office, bookstore, retail, education facilities and rehearsal rooms. The school is grouped on the eastern end of the foyer in close proximity to the staff entrance and primary rehearsal facilities.

The administration forms a compactand effective unit at the western end of
the foyer. The staff canteen is located at the top of the administration under the great roof canopy providing daylight and a relaxed atmosphere. Bars and cafes are located at foyer level and a high quality restaurant at the top. Below the restaurant is the location of the VIP lounges. The two main auditoriums and rehearsal rooms are aligned in a linear front row with public access from the foyer and good access to all building facilities in the back row.