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Astana Expo 2017 Proposal

Astana Expo 2017 Proposal

Astana is selected to host the EXPO 2017 with the theme “Future Energy”.
The project attempts to deal with the global environmental concerns in a local context. By offering a self-sufficient
neighborhood, where food is grown, water is collected and recycled, energy is produced by the use of green resources
and waste is treated locally, the Expo District will offer a low-carbon and sustainable model for the future.

With the integration of urban and natural systems and the use of new technologies the project defines a new type of urban ecological system. Feeding the city with energy and food, Expo City becomes Eco City.
Eco City integrates density, diversity, mixed use programs, with publicly accessible farmland, smart infrastructure, and production of both energy and food. Eco City generates energy, clean water, produces food, and creates new jobs and a green living and learning environment.

The district will limit the use of the car by offering an alternative personal transport mode, allowing people to easily and
sustainably move around. The farmland is covering the whole roofscape of the project and contains both soil based agriculture and modern greenhouse technology. The agricultural crust covers the programmatic layers that are woven together in both plan and section to provide an essential and powerful mix of EXPO, Residential, Commerce and Recreation. Socially sustainable with a focus on cultural and public spaces and economically sustainable through an effective and efficient layout enhanced by roof top agricultural production. At the heart of the development is the EXPO component, this creates a cultural symbol of interaction with the other programs and components.


Architecture, Landscape, Public Space, Master Planning, Sustainability, Infrastructure



Completed competition


Astana, Kasakhstan


Exposition complex and masterplan


1 500 000m2


Republic of Kasakhstan