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The intention of this concept study was to find innovative ways to use 2 million m3 of tunnel masses from the building of the Rogfast tunnel. Bokn municipality wants the use of the masses to generate positive growth and exciting community development on the island. Bokn are aiming for a doubled population and they want to create an attractive community to live in, both for people who work here and the people who commute, for example to Stavanger.

It is not an objective in itself to use the tunnel masses unless they can contribute to positive growth and sustainable projects. The masses will create opportunities for new thinking about new businesses and projects in the area. There are many needs and this concept study will focus on some sub-areas which will be developed in various themes.

The area we have focused on is defined by E39 to the west, the bay to the east, existing housing in the north and Laholmen in the south. Within this area we have selected three focus areas where we think that most of the masses should be used (from north to south); (1) urban development and transportation hub, (2) holiday village and Asgard Viking Park, and (3) an office park. 

Landscape, Master Planning, Infrastructure



Completed concept study


Bokn, Norway


Area development


Approx. 140 ha


Bokn Municipality, Rogfastutvalget

The possible establishment of Asgard Viking Park is one of the subjects studied. Such sensational feature will be a generator for other establishments in the area. The project also proposes a new hub for transport and trade, as well as an exciting area for innovative and sustainable industries.