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Ordrupgaard Museum

Ordrupgaard Museum

The Ordrupgaard art museum is situated 10 km north of Copenhagen and houses one of Northern Europe’s most considerable collections of Danish and French art from the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. As the museum lacked space, the museum commissioned Snøhetta to expand the space to showcase their collection in a more holistic way. As of today, the museum is composed of buildings from early 20th century, a new building designed by Zaha Hadid, completed in 2005, as well as an outdoor art park which contains work of internationally acclaimed artists. 

Snøhetta has designed five new underground exhibition spaces that will function as an extension of the existing spaces. Resembling buried boxes, where only one of them is visible from the outside, these new exhibition rooms link the Zaha Hadid´s exhibition space to the 20th century buildings. This ensures a new and complete connection of all the existing buildings. The clear submerged volume appears as a separate object and does not draw attention away from the other buildings of the area.

Renovation & Expansion, Architecture, Landscape, Interior, Museum & Gallery, Public Space

2012 - expected 2019






Museum expansion


1 657m2


Museum Ordrupgaard

The new project has three main ambitions: Firstly, it should express its influence from the impressionist artists thanks to a reflecting steel roof. The visible steel roof in the garden, which has given the project the name “Heavenly Garden”, collects light and plays with reflections and shifting light. Secondly, the project aims to strengthen the specific character of the site. Finally, the project establishes a connection between existing and new gallery spaces.

The new building is incorporated into the overall garden complex north of the existing building. At the same time, it gives a distinct character to the space and the main entrance where a diagonal cut in the steel roof leads visitors towards the main entrance. A set of stairs and a small amfi will accommodate for places to sit in the area around the roof in the “Heavenly Garden”, providing opportunities for reflection both before and after the museum experience.

Two of the Snøhetta designed gallery spaces will function almost as an extension of the Zaha Hadid building, both in terms of materiality and design. The additional three gallery rooms will contain permanent exhibition space. The interior of these spaces is covered in white oiled oak. The walls of the exhibition spaces highlight the art pieces through colour and light. The ceilings are modern, with large cassette ceiling panels. 

The project has high ambitions in terms of reducing energy production. The old buildings will be renovated to reduce energy consumption, and windows will be changed, and walls insulated.