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Victoria and Albert Museum, Dundee

Victoria and Albert Museum, Dundee

In Dundee it is the river Tay that gives life to the City. This great ever-changing silvery expanse is the real heat of the City. The constant ebb and flow, interacts and engages with the urban pace and life.

Our museum is designed to engage with the light of the river, the dynamic of the river and with the energy of the river.

Our design seeks to exploit and heighten the experience of this unique river setting by creating a direct relationship between the ‘building’ and the movement, flow and surface of the water as it changes throughout the course of a day.


The proposal for the Victoria and Albert Museum at Dundee was made in cooperation with Gareth Hoskins Architects.




Completed competition


Dundee, Scotland


Art museum


6 000 m2


Dundee City Council

Rather than a fixed pier or landfill outcrop that ‘landlocks’ the Discovery, our design sits directly into the water, floating on the very surface of the river – the perfect, designed container of the galleries creating a new public place and destination on the river that continually rises and falls in rhythm with the Tay’s tidal change. The relationship between the building and water is now reversed from the existing situation where the urban fabric is the fixed reference level. 

With our proposal the relationship between the gallery and the water surface is constant, even at low tide the spaces within and around the galleries are in contact with the dynamic light, energy and dynamic of the water. The relationship however between the land and the gallery is constantly changing as the water rises and falls. This dynamic sets the Gallery experience apart from the everyday urban context, positioning it in the real heart of Dundee, in the Tay itself.