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Herning Center of the Arts Proposal

Herning Center of the Arts Proposal

Situating a new, complex House of Art opposite to the existing museum-area establishes new connections. This is to be underlined in some strategic crossings. The path that is a tangent to the Herning Museum and leads to the Sculpture Park and The Geometric Gardens, and to which the Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum is attached, will be the first line, and the main pedestrian access.

Landscape, Interior, Architecture



Completed competition


Herning, Denmark


Contemporary Art Museum


6 575 m2


Herning Center of the Arts Foundation

A pathway leads you over the open space in front of the House of Art where the entrance area is. From here the pathway takes you underneath the house to an outdoors, partly shaded area where you can get a glimpse of the treasure trove underground, where paintings and sculptures are stored. Lifting your eyes you will look into the foyer, highlighted from the sky above.Moving to the south side of the house you enter the outdoor facilities of the plaza; the restaurant area and the audio/ video scene, exposed to the openness of the surrounding landscape.

Two typical recreational and natural elements weave into the site. A north-south going belt of vegetation attaches the silhouette of the house and gives the plaza shelter from the wind. A pound in the open field corresponds to the surrounding landscape and mirrors the sky, and thereby connects the site to a wider context.