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Hisingsbron Bridge Proposal

Hisingsbron Bridge Proposal

The aim has been to design a new connection that will replace the existing bridge for vehicles, busses, trams, pedestrians and bicycles with a 30m navigation opening, in a design which is as elegant and simple as possible. With its simplicity and humble profile, the structure and lines of the bridge will be emphasized. The bridge stands out as a distinct contrast to the more expressive surroundings.

Landscape, Architecture, Infrastructure



Completed competition


Gothenburg, Sweden


465 m length


WSP, DOF, ZUS, GGau, Åf Lighting

 The upperside of the bridge will mainly consist of soft materials and planting.The pedestrian zones are designed to be a wooden landscape, having benches, weather protection and integrated vertical connections.The intention is that the bridge will contribute to a positive, enriching and safe experience for the public, experiencing the bridge both from a distance, from the underside and on the bridge itself.

 The bridge will have a distinct difference in material and form between the upper side and the underside.The surface of the underside will be in a dark toned lacquered steel, in which the reflecting surface will mirror the city, river and passing boats in an exciting and expressive way.

 The new Hisingbron is, between the abutment piers of concrete, 465 meter in length, and 220 meter in length over the Göta River.It is an elegant bridge with a tranquil design. The bridge has 10 spans each of 50 meter, in addition to a central positioned opening section with a width of 30 meters.

 The opening section mechanism for the bridge will be given a scale and placing that integrates it into the overall design.

The Göta River