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Deichmanske Library Proposal

Deichmanske Library Proposal

The proposal portrays the library as a public, interior space, generated by the complex relationship of singular and plural needs of the users rather than the specificity of its exterior shape. 

In contrast to this interior the simple, horizontal boxlike exterior describes the library as a living organism, thus emphasizing the intension of a non-object. It is a hybrid of structure and different climbing plants, generating an ever-changing green skin throughout the seasons, projecting light reflections of green into interiors.

Thus, the proposal suggests the Deichmanske main library to be a space rather than an object and an institution rather than a building.

Landscape, Interior, Public Space, Architecture, Library



Completed competition


Oslo, Norway



 This non specific appearance focuses the importance of the interior ant lets the exterior expression of the library, observed from continuously changing positions of the eye, become an intimate park like backdrop to the white marble of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet and an enchaced outdoor green space within the urban setting of the other neighbouring buildings.

 The variety of white, translucent shapes and forms describing this space are continuous and organic, only physically, not visually, limited by the two vast transparent surfaces separating indoor from outdoor. Ending the exterior rectangular tube towards east and west. Two elements organize this vivid space; the spine and the slightly arched public floor bridging along south and north.