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Network of Objects: I/O - the new Exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

Apr 07, 2022

The new permanent exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo opens this week and is designed to engage the visitor to discover the museum’s unique collection of telegraphic and computer technology objects. Through an immersive journey of programmed stories and the guidance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the visitor becomes a user and the exhibition itself adapts to each individual, encouraging debate about our relationship to technology.

The exhibition represents important features of Norwegian telecommunications and computer history. At the same time, the exhibition connects with the present and discusses the future.

An AI software has been especially developed and creates individually tailored stories based on (voluntarily) collected data from the visitors where they, through a registration game, get a curated path from object to object.

“The concept of the exhibition design is “Reaction”, and we want the visitors to react to the exhibition and the exhibition to react to the visitor. This became an important tool for our multi-disciplinary team when forming both the physical and digital developments”, says Hans Martin Frostad Halleraker from Snøhetta.

In close collaboration with the museum, Snøhetta has had a multi-disciplinary role in the project, creating a holistic concept for all parts of the exhibition experience, including spatial design, UX and visual identity.

“The collaboration with Snøhetta on the development of the exhibition I/O has been a thought-provoking, creative and positive process from day one where both form and content have been created in collaboration. For the museum, it was important to create the exhibition as a dynamic place for physical, intellectual and sensory experiences. At the same time, the collaboration with Snøhetta has given the entire old museum building a boost with this new permanent exhibition”, says Henrik Treimo, the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.

Network of Objects: I/O - the new Exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology