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Ordrupgaard Museum

Ordrupgaard Museum

 The gardens of Ordrupgaard are organized around the buildings composition, in two parts: to the east a classic rose-section, and a grass-section to the south. The new extension will be included as part of the overarching gardens; like a third section- a section of light or- a “heavenly garden”, northeast of the exisiting building.
 We wish to emphasize the qualities of both the gardens and the buildings. The shape of the new extension is simple but strong, and refers to the history, content and function of Ordrupgaard. The new extensions role as a link between the existing parts reinforces Ordrupgaards coherent expression. 

The “heavenly garden” is associated with the ambition of the immpressionist- to capture the changing light in all its facets. The idea is to bring the fragments of the contents of the building to the surroundings and also the surroundings into the building through the reflections. 


Architecture, Culture, Public Space, Renovation & Expansion

2012 - expected 2019






Museum expansion


1 657m2


Museum Ordrupgaard

The third section, the “heavenly garden”, will be carved out of the terrain. Three new showrooms will be added. Two of the rooms will be below ground, while the third is a simple, visible volume placed into the new section. The clear submerged volume appears as a separate object without drawing attention away from the other buildings in the complex. At the same time it gives a distinct character to the space and the main entrance. In this way the museum treks a course that prepares the audience even before they enter the exhibition. There will be stairs and sitting opportunities in form of a small amfi in the recess around the “heavenly garden”, this provides opportunities for reflection both before and after the museum experience. The showrooms are flexible areas which can be organized in many different ways, from big, open rooms to small rooms of a more intimate character. 

The new building is incorporated into the overall gardencomplex north of the existing building. Both the passage and the extended building are slightly faceted and covered with shiny, matte, mirror surfaces, which all together provides a fragmented reflection of the sky and the surroundings of Ordrupgaard. Just as in Impressionism, the image distorts, and creates a scope for new interpretations and experiences of reality.