Lofoten Opera Hotel

Architecture, Landscape and Interior
Location Lofoten
Typology Residential & Hotel
Client Lofoten Opera AS
Status Ongoing
Size 11,000 m²
Presentation view

Furthest west of Lofoten, in Moskenes municipality close to the town Sørvagen, is area Glåpen. The site stretches out towards the sea both to the south and the west. It creates a link between the ocean and the tall mountains to the north and north-west.

The location is spectacular; sunny, right in the middle of majestic landscape elements, but at the same time connected to previously populated areas and shielded harbors.

The main goal is in our opinion to find the development patterns and shapes that optimize the site’s potential with regard to functionality, architecture, and user experience. Snøhetta has developed the project by looking at a number of factors: the landscape’s limitations related to new construction, functional and technical aspects of access, infrastructure, ecology, and sustainability, as well as the connection to outdoor areas and existing buildings.

The form creates an inner and outer space, and enhances the site’s inherent potential of an architectural expression. Concept and program are balanced in a mix of hotels, apartments, amphitheater, spa, hiking and sea water basins within a total size of 11,000 m2. The organic form protects and opens at the same time.