• Melgaard+Munch: Exhibition Opening

     The Munch Museum opens the ambitious two-year exhibition series +Munch this month, with the first exhibition Melgaard+Munch. The exhibition series is designed in collaboration with Snøhetta and will explore five other artists in addition to Melgaard, consecutively Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Vigeland, Robert Mappelthorpe, Jasper Johns, and Asger Jorn.

    The Melgaard+Munch exhibition opens tomorrow, January 31st, and will run until April 12th. For more information and opening hours, see

  • Kjetil Trædal Thorsen speaking at Pavillon de L'Arsenal in Paris

     Kjetil Trædal Thorsen will be speaking at the Pavillon de L'Arsenal in Paris on January 19th at 19:00

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  • Snøhetta to Develop Le Monde Headquarters 

     Snøhetta is proud to have been chosen as  architectural partner, in collaboration with our local partner SRA, in the development of Le Monde's new headquarters in Paris. 

    The evolution of media is in focus and in particular the future relationship between readers and media users, the production of media on different platforms and their connection to the public at large. Snøhetta shall continue to strive for an architecture providing the public with the notion of ownership, emphasizing intimate relationships between the public and Le Monde. 

  • Snøhetta in cooperation with the International Museum of Children’s Art

     Since 2011, Snøhetta has been working with the International Museum of Children’s Art on a feasibility study, as well as an accompanying movie project and specifications for an expansion of the museum, learning about the museum’s history and future needs.

    The museum is currently located in an old villa at Frøen in Oslo. The museum is perceived as not having the adequate conditions for conveying the art treasures it holds. Together with Snøhetta, the museum is therefore looking at ways to possibly relocate and expand the museum, making room for more exhibition space, activity rooms, a workshop and storage space.

    To learn more about the project, see the video to the left. More about the museum:

  • Snøhetta and WCIT's design for the Obama Hawaii Presidential Center released

     According to the Kumulipo, a native Hawaiian creation chant, life begins with ‘āko‘ako‘a, a single coral polyp which over time creates the land and all life that inhabits it. As a diverse collective of individuals growing over many generations, the notion of coral parallels the ambitions of the Presidential Center to become catalyst of thought, action, and community. 

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